Thirsty Thursday – pic #2

My son recently delivered his first yacht to the Caribbean. To make the dull moments at sea more bearable, the crew competed with each other to see who could spot the most ships. Dylan won – the prize was a bottle of Angostura Rum from Trinidad.

I am not much of a drinker but I do enjoy a cocktail now and then. I have looked for an excuse to mix up a cocktail with this Angostura Rum. So I raided the liquor cabinet and this is what I came up with. Some rum, coconut liqueur – Vincoco, and some rose-water which I keep for flavouring Basmati rice. It should make an interesting mix. I also spotted some diehard roses in the garden which were my inspiration for the name “Caribbean Rose”.
My daughter and I decided we will do the ‘Thirsty Thursday’ thing together and concoct tasty beverages every week – kind of a bonding girly moment. Thursdays are going to be great!
I quite enjoyed this mix, not too sweet and the rose-water added an unusual flavour.

Maybe you’d like to join us and let me know what you think of the drinks?


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