Crispy Roast Potatoes with Rosemary and Crushed Salt

Roast Potatoes with Rosemary and Crushed Salt

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Here in South Africa we have such a mix and match of traditional Christmas dishes handed down by generations of European traditions and seasoned with an African touch. We have so many variations! As I am Portuguese, many of the dishes at our Christmas table are Portuguese traditional dishes with the appearance of new dishes that I like to try every year.

Crispy Roast Potatoes is as much part a of the Christmas menu as cold is inevitable in winter.

This addition to my menu came about by accident.
Roast Potatoes with Rosemary and Crushed Salt
I normally boil my baby potatoes first, then give them a bit of a toss to bruise them. This time I wanted to give my potatoes a different look. I wanted something that would tear into the skin for that extra crispy broken skin but still give it a distinct pattern. I scrounged in my utensils drawer…
The tenderizing mallet was crying out to be used… and so my ‘malleted’ potatoes were born.
The dents made by the mallet allow the olive oil or duck fat to soak into the potato and make it extra crispy.
These ‘malleted’ potatoes are crispy and crunchy on the outside and fluffy and soft on the inside, with a hint of rosemary and the crunch of crushed salt. Lovely texture in your mouth.
I make these potatoes all year round, not just for special occasions. What’s nice about these is that I can boil them ahead of time and leave them in the fridge until I need to roast them – saves me a bit of time.

Here in the Southern Hemisphere we are blessed with sunshine and warmth heat during Christmas season. We really try not to spend too much time behind the stove this time of the year.
You guys up North…you have snow, warm fireplaces going and lovely traditional comfort food to share with family and friends.
Snow or sunshine…we all have one thing in common.


Since the beginning of time, special events have been celebrated with food. Family and friends make it all the more special this time of year.

You can save a bit of time with these potatoes, you don’t need to watch over them as they cook – that way you get to spend more time with the family.



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