Classic Bellini Cocktail- Thirsty Thursday 12

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The Classic Bellini cocktail was created by Giuseppe Cipriani. He founded Harry’s Bar in Venice in the 1930’s. While sitting at his bar one day pondering about what kind of drink he would like to be served, he mixed up a Bellini with the fruit that was in season. White peaches.

The classic Bellini cocktail, a delicate sparkling drink, was made from the purée of fresh white peaches and prosecco Italian sparkling wine to produce the most captivating pink hue. Its pink colour reminded Giuseppe of the toga worn by someone in the famous painting by Giovanni Bellini and so the name came about. Today there are many variations – a touch of raspberry juice can be added to acquire that perfect pink shade, and champagne can be used instead of prosecco. I used nectarines in mine with a touch of raspberry juice. Whichever version you try, the Bellini is always served chilled in small frosted flute glasses.
Cipriani’s philosophy was to ‘serve others as you would want to be served yourself’. That will make a great resolution for the year 2013.
Today this luxurious bar has grown into a national trademark and is a well established brand worldwide.

Simplicity is timeless and will always touch someone’s heart. Enjoy this refreshingly simple, delicate on the palate, luxurious drink and feel it touch yours.

To all my readers, I wish you a year full of wonderful surprises and blessings. Thank you for visiting my blog this year and sharing the same passion for beautiful things.


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