Nostalgic Malva

Nostalgic Moments

When my children were younger we practically lived at the Sailing Club every weekend. Sailing during the day and sitting around the fire with good friends in the evening, till odd hours of the morning. Naturally food was a part of it. We made some good friends there, whom I will never forget. I am talking about a particular family from Maryland in the US. Their children and ours got on great and we instantly became good friends.
Those were some of the greatest moments of our lives. Our family often reminisces about those days and what we got up to. The one dessert that Lucy kept nagging me for the recipe was Malva – I can still hear her twangy pronounciation of “Maaalva”. She said my Malva was better than Woolies’. Maybe because it was made with love, Lucy.
Sadly, the Nehers have gone back home but will forever stay in our hearts. I don’t think I ever did give Lucy the recipe.
If I recall, the last time I made Malva was last year in the winter sometime. I even had to refer to the recipe – that’s how long last I used it…. a recipe I inherited from my mother in-law. I had also forgotten how dead simple it is to make.

Malva pudding and custard

So Lucy, here’s to us meeting again someday (for that infamous crab in Maryland) and here finally is your recipe for Malva, also known as Jan Ellis Pudding. Now I need the recipe for your ‘very missed’ Pumpkin Pie…
From South Africa with Love!

Jan Ellis Pudding

Malva's moist cakey texture.

Hot Custard to pour over the Malva

For those who have not been introduced to this decadent pudding….
approach with caution!
It is a melt in your mouth, carbs loaded, sweetly addictive and heartwarming delight.

Malva aka Jan Ellis Pudding

You will need:
5ml Bicarbonate of Soda
125ml milk
250g Self Raising Flour – if using normal cake flour, add 2sp Baking powder
150g sugar
2 large eggs
30ml apricot jam or syrup
200g melted butter
pinch of salt
vanilla essence

1. In a glass dissolve the bicarbonate of soda in milk.
2. Into a mixing bowl pour the flour and sugar. Mix them together.
3. Add the eggs, jam or syrup, melted butter and vanilla essence.
4. Stir the ingredients well.
5. Add the milk and bicarb into the mixture.
6. Pour the mixture into a shallow ovenware dish and spread evenly.
7. Allow to bake for 25 to 35 minutes at 180 Degrees Celcius.

Preparing the sauce:

25ml water
250ml cream
250ml sugar
250ml butter
5ml vanilla

Heat all ingredients to boiling point.
Remove from heat and pour over the pudding while still warm.
Serve in a bowl with custard or a dollop of cream.


13 thoughts on “Nostalgic Malva

  1. I am very happy to tell you that your entire posts are amazing and I truly adore the way you put each and every sentence. I would rate you 8.75 out of 10. Great job,keep it up. Your grammatical sense is simply outstanding. Carry on the good work.And yes i have tweeted your site .

  2. I’m going to make this tonight! Í just recently started a new job and the office girl did an OE in SA and asked me to make her this specific dessert, but I was reluctant as I didn’t have a recipe, now with this it will be easy peazy 🙂 Thanks Ana

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