The Ultimate Christmas Pavlova and the Magic of Christmas

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Christmas time is magical…and so is this dessert. The Ultimate Christmas Pavlova.

Christmas Pavlova Cherries Closeup-Christmas Pavlova

Pavlova is a crispy, crusty meringue-based dessert with a soft, light and slightly chewy inside. It was first created in honour of Anna Pavlova, the Russian ballet dancer when she toured New Zealand and Australia in the 1920’s.

Today it’s a traditional festive dessert in Australia and New Zealand. One of the things we all have in common is that feeling of warmth and happiness when you spend Christmas with loved ones sharing and creating new traditions. Where there is good cheer, there is bound to be food of all sorts on the table. Everyone is helping out in the kitchenand there are great familiar smells wafting through the house. Those are certainly good memories from my past and present. Normally when you have big family gatherings, everyone is tasked with bringing a dish to add to the table. Why not make a crowd pleasing Christmas Pavlova to add to the festive table. After indulging all day on meats and side dishes, a light sweet treat is always welcome. Pavlovas are easy to make. The meringue shell can be made a day or two ahead and the whole dessert assembled a couple of minutes before serving.

For this particular pavlova the syrup can also be made ahead of time, refrigerated and used for other dishes too.

Boozy Cherry Syrup Tag - Christmas Pavlova Almond Praline Dust This Pavlova with Boozy Cherry Syrup recipe is fail proof and a favourite of mine. I love biting into that crispy outer shell, lapping up the contrasting flavours of the cherries and the cream. The sweet Port infused syrup adds that extra tang to it.

The surprise element of this Pavlova is the layer of sugar cookie crumbs lying just under the cream.

The whole package just looks so elegant. Pavlova with Granadilla Pulp and Almond Praline Dust For another take on the Christmas Pavlova try this

Pavlova with Granadilla Pulp and Almond Praline Dust.

See the instructions below in the recipe under variations.

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