Home made Gifts for Christmas and special times.

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If I could capture that Christmas feeling and bottle it, that’s what I would give everyone for Christmas.

While I try to figure out a way of doing that…here are some goodies that make great home made gifts for Christmas which might come close to it.

The main ingredients are LOVE and your TIME. And the less abstract ingredients are all goodies you can easily find in your supermarket.
I don’t buy in to the commercial side of Christmas. I am a Christian, so this is a religious holiday for me – a celebration of the birth of Christ. Exchanging of gifts is symbolic, so if it’s home-made all the better. It is really the thought and the spirit of giving that counts.
Getting together with people you care about is what makes it more special. Celebrating the “reason for the season”.
Nothing says “made with love” more than home-made goodies from your kitchen.
Here are a few ideas for this special time of the year that the whole family can get stuck into.
If you want you can cut out these tags and write the recipe on the back to add to your gift.
gifts_tag1Christmas Gift Tags

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