Chocolate Sauce for Churros

Churros or Farturas in abundance.

To the Spanish and Mexicans¬† it’s Churros – to the Portuguese it’s Farturas. Many of us have¬† heard of, seen or tasted these in some form or another. Churros were originally a twisted u-shape but through the years they have … Continue reading Churros or Farturas in abundance.

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Home made Gifts for Christmas and special times.

[ti_audio name=”Christmas” autoplay=”1″ repeat=”1″ volume=”30″ randomize=”1″] If I could capture that Christmas feeling and bottle it, that’s what I would give everyone for Christmas. While I try to figure out a way of doing that…here are some goodies that make great home made gifts for Christmas which might come close to it. The main ingredients are LOVE and your TIME. And the less abstract ingredients are all goodies you can easily find in your supermarket. I don’t buy in to the commercial side of Christmas. I am a Christian, so this is a religious holiday for me – a celebration … Continue reading Home made Gifts for Christmas and special times.

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What is the colour of ‘comfort food’?

Comfort Food exposed, as promised. I have been wondering how to approach my little expose on comfort foods and stumbled upon this “exactly what I wanted to say” blog. Gourmand in the Kitchen Sylvie has some great looking photos in there. Everyone I talk to and everywhere I search…..all colours lead to brown. Yep, anything chocolate seems to somehow be linked to the no.1 Comfort food. I make a batch of brownies at least 6 times a month. Sometimes two batches at a time. I like to add different goodies to them every time. This batch I made today, I … Continue reading What is the colour of ‘comfort food’?

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