Chocolate Sauce for Churros

Churros or Farturas in abundance.

To the Spanish and Mexicans  it’s Churros – to the Portuguese it’s Farturas. Many of us have  heard of, seen or tasted these in some form or another. Churros were originally a twisted u-shape but through the years they have … Continue reading Churros or Farturas in abundance.

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Four Tarts and a Cheese Festival

I have wanted to go to the South African Cheese Festival for years but it just never happened. I think mainly because we lived miles away.  Now that we live around the corner, I finally made it. Thanks to Food Blog Cape Town I won myself a set of tickets with my cheesy pick-up line. If you know me, you know I love festivals. I also have a soft spot for cheese. I believe the word for people like me is “Turophile“. I love sharp, mature and crumbly cheeses. Mature cheddar, pecorino and mild blue cheese are my favourites but … Continue reading Four Tarts and a Cheese Festival

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Lusito Land – aromas and sounds of Portugal part1

Get ready for a sensory overload! The Lusito Land Festival is the primary fundraiser for the Lusito Portuguese Association for the Challenged. 100% of all funds raised from the Lusito Land Festival go directly into the maintenance and building of the Lusito School for the Challenged in the south of Johannesburg. Currently, the school cares for individuals with Cerebral Palsy, learning disabilities, traumatic brain injury and Down’s Syndrome. For more information, please visit the Lusito Association website at The Lusito Land Festival takes place every year during the Easter period and runs for about a week. I went to … Continue reading Lusito Land – aromas and sounds of Portugal part1

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