Thirsty Thursday #9

Fruity Sangria

You will not find a ‘fiesta’ anywhere without a couple of pitchers of Sangria on the table.
The word Sangria stems from the spanish word ‘sangre’ which means blood. Considering the deep red colour of this fruity drink, it makes perfect sense.
A ceramic pitcher is the traditional ware for a sangria, but a regular glass jug may also be used. I actually like the glass jug because it shows off the beautiful colours of the fruit and wine.

If you have red wine, some fruit and a little fizzy something lying around in your kitchen then you can put together this simple Fruity Sangria. Sangria can be made with white wine and champagne too, but the authentic sangria calls for a good red wine.
These are a few suggestions for the wine. –  a Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Shiraz or Rioja reds. To add a little fizz to the sangria, anything from lemonade to club soda is ideal.

You can’t go wrong with ingredients for a Sangria. The basics are lemon, orange and apple. I used a few pieces of pineapple, peach and strawberry as well, but those are optional. You can basically use any seasonal fruit available locally. For that extra fruity flavour, I like to let the wine and fruit mix soak overnight in the fridge and add the lemonade just before serving.
This is a very cheerful fruity and fizzy drink for any size party. I especially like biting into the bits of wine soaked fruit at the bottom of the glass in the end…


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