Thirsty Thursday #8

The ‘Fuzzy Banana’ was a quick throw-together cocktail. I was leaning towards a tea, but felt like something creamy and healthy (if those two can actually be mentioned in the same sentence). The only fruit I had left on my fruit tray was banana and naartjies. So I went with banana. This could very well be a smoothie too if you just add banana pulp.

It was getting late and the lighting was poor where I normally take photos. I had to find another spot. No pressure….
The garden is looking rather winterish and brown at the moment with a few greens here and there – the perfect complimentary colours  for the yellow tones.  Location…sorted.  Fortunately I had all the right ingredients at my disposal as well.
I am trying really hard to do the styling thing…but after a morning’s work, it’s sometimes difficult to be creative. Other times…ideas come pouring in, and I have to jot them down in my little black book. The thing is….with practice and perseverance it comes together. I love the whole process of food photography. From raw material to picture on a screen or paper.

Enjoy the ‘Fuzzy Banana’ cocktail.


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