BAOBAB and the mafia

A couple of years ago many of my colleagues left to teach at private schools. We decided during the farewell party that December, to get together every month so we could stay in touch with one another. Our dear friend Doortjie who has since passed on was wearing a Mafia hat, so we decided we would call the group ‘Mafia’. Doortjie was always the soul of the party and loved her hats.
Once a month a member of the ‘Mafia’ picks a spot and we go out for the afternoon(going into evening).
We were thirteen altogether in the group, then slowly one by one the numbers dwindled. Now there are six, sometimes eight of us left in the little group.
I had the opportunity once again to try out my little camera in low light. It’s very awkward when you walk into a restaurant and take out your ‘big’ camera. At least the little one is less conspicuous. Don’t want to embarrass the ‘Mafia’.

And then there were six.
Camera…Action…Roll  (sound of clapper board here)

The Cast:
Bottom: left to right
Young-Meister – does not get on with Jägermeister at all.
Girl-next door – the only innocent one left in the group and we make sure she stays that way
DasMommy – level-headed darling
Top: left to right
The Krazy one – crazy in a good way(almost defected…but we got her back)
Myself – just along for the ride
MoneyLady – not because she’s loaded but because that’s what she does for a living, sort out money
Ouma – the oldest but by no means slowest (not in this episode)
XxBoss – always on the go (not in this episode)

The Location:
Baobab Cafe and Grill at Menlyn Mall, Pretoria East.

The name Baobab means “The time when man began”. When you step into the restaurant, the decor is overwhelmingly modern  and stylish but with so much primitive African influence. The baobab tree chandeliers immediately captured my attention. The gigantic african figures made from a canvas material welcome you into the dining area.

The Baobab is divided into four dining areas. There is a place for parties and large tables, a more formal intimate area in the middle, and a more relaxed dining experience outside on the balcony with great views of the Eastern suburbs. Upstairs are the restrooms and an extension of the balcony.

Now for the food.
The restaurant specializes in South African cuisine, with flavours and ingredients influenced by African countries.
It took us a long time to decide what to eat. So much to choose from…

I eventually gave into a light meal –
Parmesan Chicken – 2 chicken breasts crumbed with couscous, parmesan cheese, lemon zest and parsley. Drizzled with a white wine sauce. I chose to have some creamed spinach with it, but it could be served with roasted veggies as well.

The rest of the ‘mafia’ had Spinach and Feta Quiche, Trinchado ( beef cubes served in a creamy spicy sauce) and Maluti Chicken – a chicken breast wrapped in Phylo pastry.

The ‘light’ meals were actually very filling so we skipped dessert this time. But we did have space for a dessert cocktail.
The Peppermint Crisp Cocktail was the perfect closure for the evening. I was allowed to go to the kitchen to take a few snappys of Patrick making the cocktails.

As we settled in, it became rather busy and later in the evening there were a couple of people waiting for tables.
Overall, the service was fantastic and the atmosphere very homely. Our waitress Pinky was the best. I have to say, the staff sure know what they are doing. Lots of smiles!

We are going back there for sure Pinky! Get our table ready…outside.


4 thoughts on “BAOBAB and the mafia

  1. had a super, delicious awesome time!! thanks to the waitress, management and DON’T FORGET THE DIVINE COMPANY!! THANKS GiRLS :-b I had a ball!!
    signed the Crazy one!!!!!!!!

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