Thirsty Thursday #5

If it’s freezing where you live – DON’T look any further! For all the continents enjoying glorious summer heat…READ ON!
Granita is a refreshingly healthy alternative to ice cream and is rather economical too.
Water, sugar and loads of flavour are all you need to get started.

Granita is frozen ice that has been scraped to form granular crystals or flakes of ice. If you are familiar with a “slush puppy” – that is it. The kids love it (without alcohol of course) and the possibilities are endless.

Granita requires that you use syrup as a base for your recipe, combined with purees or juices.

Recipe for Granita Syrup:

1. Dissolve and bring to the boil, 1 cup water and 1 cup sugar.
2. Cool to room temperature.
3. Mix this syrup with the rest of the ingredients for your granita.

This mixture then gets placed in a shallow container and into the freezer. If the consistency is too thin, the mixture might not freeze well.
During the freezing process stir the mixture with a fork every 20 minutes or so, until all liquid has been frozen. Start raking the frozen ice from the edges to the middle, scraping the sides and bottom of the pan. It takes about 3 hours for the granita to be completely frozen. It seems like a bit of work, but not really. This is quite therapeutic… All you have to do is remember to rake and scrape the ice every 20 minutes. If you find that the granita has become too solid, just remove the container from the freezer and allow to melt slightly at room temperature and rake it with a fork again.
Ready to scoop into your favourite glass and topped off with whatever tickles your fancy.


Chill the glasses that you are going to be using to pour the granita into later.
For a light granita use juices.

For a chunkier granita use thicker purees.

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