Breakfast at Gameal’s

Little treasures tucked out of the way are the best.


A reflection of the warm ambience at Gameal's Cedar Cafe.


Gameal’s Santa Julia Cedar Cafe and Gameal’s Cedar Cafe are owned by Jane and Craig Woods. They are selling Gameal’s Santa Julia Cedar Cafe and Paulet Coetzee is soon taking ownership of this warm little place in the Doringkloof Mall in Centurion. I walk past it often when visiting the center and I have been wanting to photograph it for months now.

There are 5 things I look for in a restaurant.
1. It must be clean.
2. The food of course – should be tasty and fresh.
3. Value for money. I don’t mind paying if the food is worth it.
4. I love privacy. There should be a little spot where I can sit, enjoy the meal with whoever I am with and still feel the ambience of the surroundings.
5. I do not like to be overly pampered by waiters. Staff should be friendly and still respect your space.
Having said all that, I am a very fussy eater. I like things on the side, a little of this, less of that….

My husband (Mr. D) and I had a really tasty breakfast there some time back. He fell in love with the way the eggs were served – with melted cheese on top and of course the size of the portion. Size does count I guess…
Mr. D had the Big Paulie – two eggs, three rashers of bacon, grilled tomato, bockwurst sausage, grilled mushrooms, cheddar cheese and toast. I had the Picolla breakfast – one egg, grilled tomato, bacon and toast. Plain and simple!
I am not much of a big breakfast person, but I do love my coffee! They serve a great Italian coffee.

Size counts...


Gameal’s cooks are Shepard, Zandla and Christian. Zandla was intent on showing me his pride and joy. He likes to experiment with ‘Crunchies’. The day I visited he was making ginger scented crunchies. I must say I’ve never tried ginger crunchies and they were actually quite good. I always make the traditional crunchies for the kids, but this got me thinking. In my next post I make Dark Chocolate Dipped Almond Crunchies.

Gameal’s serve light meals and cater for vegetarians.
No reservation is necessary.
The staff is friendly and efficient.
Children are welcome.
Prices are very reasonable.
Recommended dishes are
– the Mezze Platter for about R170 – serves 2.
– Couscous  Vegetable Salad for R58
– Gameal’s Pita Pocket for R44.


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