Lusito Land – aromas and sounds of Portugal part 2

This is a continuation of Lusito Land – aromas and sounds of Portugal part 1.
For the pastry lovers – Pasteis de nata (little custard tartlets) and FARTURAS ( a delicacy made from deep-fried choux pastry). In my next post I will be attempting to make the tartlets for the first time – apparently it takes some practice to get it just right. Hold Thumbs!

The most popular drink to be seen on the day was the “Caipirinha” for sure – take a peek at my recipe for this refreshing sugar cane liqueur beverage.

As always, what is a festival without the stalls? Among the stalls that caught my attention were:
Elbows up – they sell infused reductions, salad dressings and unusual sauces. You simply have to try it to believe the taste of those reductions…Yum. You can find more information on their product range here.

The Spice stall – what can I say? I am a sucker for spices. What a variety at this stall! Look at the size of those cinnamon sticks. Wow. Heavenly aromas from all over the world.

Preparing an extremely ‘hot’ curry mix at the spice stall.

These smoked meats were divine too.Try this spicyfeijoada with some chourico or smoked meats..

Smoked meats - I tasted some fine cabanossi and salamis here.

What a fantastic day we had! My feet were killing me… Walking on mud all day is exhausting. But the kids wanted to watch the very last act, Prime Circle. Soooo, we stayed….
And what a great performance it was.

I think we left at about eleven that night…I didn’t even notice the mud after a while, but my legs sure suffered the next day. Not sure why? Must have been from walking all day and dancing all night! Too much fun for my…um… age.

Till next time…happy eating!


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