What is the colour of ‘comfort food’?

Comfort Food exposed, as promised.

Tipsy Fudge Brownies

I have been wondering how to approach my little expose on comfort foods and stumbled upon this “exactly what I wanted to say” blog. Gourmand in the Kitchen
Sylvie has some great looking photos in there. Everyone I talk to and everywhere I search…..all colours lead to brown. Yep, anything chocolate seems to somehow be linked to the no.1 Comfort food.
I make a batch of brownies at least 6 times a month. Sometimes two batches at a time. I like to add different goodies to them every time. This batch I made today, I added some Port wine and crumbled fudge too. Nice combination….but I think it’s more about the CHOCOLATE! They’re not “special” brownies but they certainly put a smile on everyone’s face.
Which food elevates your mood?
You can click here for the recipe or take a look at my recipe book in the Recipes page to the right.
You might also enjoy this recipe by Making Life Delicious.


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